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Millennials aren’t just the biggest group of consumers today; they are also the most connected. This audience segment is more prone to conduct extensive research online before making a purchase which makes content marketing the ideal way to reach this
audience segment.

If you’re looking to target millennials, you will have to align your content strategy with their concerns, interests, and behaviours to resonate with them on a deeper level. Here are 4 tips to help you get started:

Appeal to instant gratification

  • As digital natives, millennials are used to having nearly everything available immediately.
  • Brands can appeal to this need for immediacy by incorporating elements of instant gratification in digital campaigns.

Be authentic

  • Millennials prefer to buy products they believe in; from companies they trust.
  • In the past, it may have been unacceptable to speak out on political stances or social justice in the marketing world, but today, these things can actually help brands connect better with the target audience and strengthen support.

Embrace uniqueness & stand out

  • By creating a product/concept that’s unique and stands out, brands can expect better response from millennials.
  • This will also encourage more likes and shares, offering better campaign mileage.

Get interactive

  • Incorporating interactive experience in digital campaigns can be a great way to grab millennials’ attention.
  • If you can get them engaged, you can expect stronger brand affinity and loyalty in the long run.

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