We had the privilege of participating in the Hakuhodo Digital Network (HDN) Summit 2023, held recently in Bangkok, Thailand by Hakuhodo International. It was an exceptional experience, allowing us to connect with 18 agencies from the H+ network across Southeast Asia and gain valuable exposure to their impressive capabilities and knowledge.

Our CEO, Ryan Ong, and Head of Digital, Steven Yap, attended the summit and found the networking sessions to be particularly fruitful, sparking conversations about collaboration and opening doors to exciting partnerships.

Ryan and Steven (seated at the far left side) alongside representatives from digital agencies under Hakuhodo global network

Sharing their experience, here are three key insights they took away from the summit:

  1. Localisation and local insight are essential for successful regional brand campaigns.
  2. The importance of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) was emphasised, highlighting the need to leverage customer data effectively for targeted marketing strategies.
  3. Hearing directly from clients about their expectations of a network agency provided invaluable guidance for aligning our services and exceeding their needs.

As part of Hakuhodo International and H+, Kingdom Digital now receives strong support from a network of digital agencies, enabling our clients to expand regionally and globally. We can leverage the expertise of these agencies to offer specialised services beyond our core strengths. Additionally, the agency-to-agency knowledge-sharing events such as the summit provided opportunities for growth for our internal talent, keeping us at the forefront of industry trends.

Proudly representing Kingdom Digital, Ryan and Steven captivated agency representatives with an engaging introduction at the summit

Overall, the HDN Summit was an enriching experience that has opened doors to new opportunities, benefiting both our team and
our clients.

Learn more about the HDN Summit 2023 on Hakuhodo International’s website.

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