Hari Raya is one of the many occasions that gives brands a chance to create a big and lasting impact on its audience. Whether it’s through a short film or holding a contest, brands need to find a way to communicate their Raya message effectively. But what would make your brand’s campaign stand out and be remembered?

With Raya quickly coming up in a month’s time, whether your brand is lagging behind or baffled for fresh ideas, fret not, here are some last-minute ideas that your brand can execute this Raya:

Branded Instagram Augmented Reality (AR) filter

  • IG filters are used on the daily and their uses can range from altering one’s facial features to an entertaining interactive game.
  • At the start of 2020, AR engagements saw a 20% increase along with 90% conversion rates from users who utilised AR filters.1
  • Users spend 4x more time engaging with AR filters, which is an average of 75 seconds in comparison to video content.2
  • By creating an interactive IG AR filter as part of your brand’s Raya campaign, users are able to post their images/videos/results on their IG Story and this will amplify reach by enticing other users to partake in using the filter as well as check out your brand’s IG account.
  • Need some inspiration? Check out the IG AR filter that we created as part of our agency initiative for Chinese New Year, where users can discover their 2021 fortune.

Instagram Story personality quiz

  • IG stories are a quick way to engage with your target market. With a ton of prompts and stickers, it’s no doubt that users will partake in the activities as it is short and simple.
  • A study from Meltwater showed that 86.6% of Instagram users use stories, while almost 80% of brands noticed a large effect on their influencer content from Instagram stories.3
  • A simple way of getting the audience to engage in IG Stories this festive season is by creating a Raya-themed personality quiz. This encourages users to stay till the end of your Instagram Story queue to find out their “personality”. Topics can include, “Which kuih Raya are you?” or “What Hari Raya song you should play while balik kampung?”.

Live sessions with influencers/KOLs

  • Live sessions are a great way to interact with your audience as they are able to comment and give likes in real time. Contests, giveaways, and promotions are some of the activities held during live streams to encourage engagement.
  • According to Facebook, the number of livestream viewers had a significant increase of 50% from February to March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.4
  • To complement these live sessions, influencers can play a huge role in targeting a specific audience as these individuals are able to impact the decisions of their followers, making them an ideal choice as hosts.
  • A study done by Twitter and Annalect showed that 49% of users depend on advice from influencers while 40% of users said to have purchased products that influencers have used on Instagram and several other social media platforms.5
  • For some inspiration of a successful live campaign, take a look at this Facebook live campaign that we created for Haier last Raya.

User generated content – Complemented by the usage of specific hashtags

  • User generated content is a cost-efficient way to let the public spread the word about your campaign for you.
  • Like word-of-mouth marketing, users are able to post their own content that relates to your campaign, thus this creates buzz among the public.
  • A survey carried out by Stackla found that 79% of people claimed that UGC plays a huge role in influencing their purchases.6
  • In 2020, UGC created a sense of community among social media users, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, where people are stuck at home by themselves.7
  • Carrying forward into 2021, UGC centric campaigns will be an effective method of getting your target market to interact and connect with your brand.
  • Creating different hashtags, that closely relates to your brand’s purpose, to signify different groups is a way of getting users to post their own content. Search up “#TeamHijau” or “#TeamBiru” on Instagram for real-life interactive content ideas.

Source: Instagram

Personalised content/videos 

  • People crave personalised content because when it is catered to them specifically, they hold a connection to it because it shows that your company cares. This, in turn, increases customer loyalty to the brand.
  • SmarterHQ found that 72% of consumers prefer to only interact with messages that are personalised.8
  • In addition, 66% of consumers stated that they lose interest in purchasing when the brand does not personalise their content.8
  • While personalisation may seem like a daunting task with it requiring a sizeable cost and a lot of resources, it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at how we executed personalised “Thank you” cards for each of our Heroes and brands that we’ve worked with, where we produced 340 custom videos within a week by utilising our Digital Creative Automation delivery system.

Don’t know which direction your brand should head for this Raya? Drop us a message today.

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