Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Creative Automation (DCA)?

Digital Creative Automation (DCA) is a service using Kingdom Digital’s proprietary software to help brands achieve personalisation at scale. With DCA, hundreds of digital ad variations can be produced within a short time frame. This enables brands to run frequent, cost-efficient, and personalised digital ad campaigns for improved media performance.

Is DCA a self-serve platform?

At present, DCA is not a self-serve platform. Brands still need the skills, expertise, and resources to take an idea/creative and produce a multitude of ad variations for their digital campaign.

Can my creative team use it?

DCA is an in-house software for Kingdom Digital to deliver ad and creative variations. However, it can be integrated into your internal process to streamline digital ad production for improved campaign performance.

How does DCA work?

DCA speeds up the creative adaptation required for personalised ad campaigns, from custom templates to create multiple variations of images, messaging, and CTA. The templates can be static images or HTML5 with animation. This saves significant creative man-hours and reduces human errors. Watch this video to learn more:

What type of banners can DCA produce?

DCA is platform agnostic and is able to produce HTML5 animated banners for different ad serving platforms such as Sizmek, GDN, et cetera. Besides, DCA can also produce static social ads in JPEG format. Imminently, DCA will be able to produce ad variations in video format too.

Is DCA the same as dynamic creative optimisation platforms such as Google Smart Creative and other alternatives?

They are not the same:

  • Firstly, DCA enables creative assets (both HTML5 & JPEG) to be produced at scale. This, in turn, allows media to target different audiences across different channels and ad serving platforms. 
  • Secondly, DCA is not restricted to standardised templates. This allows for more freedom and flexibility in creating engaging creative and animation to engage audience with personalised messages. 
  • In fact, DCA is complementary to your marketing effort in Google Smart Creative or other platforms. 

How much does it cost to use DCA?

The cost is dependent on the volume, variation, and complexity of the campaign and deliverables over a 12 months period. We will propose a retainer package based on your brands’ needs.

How do I know if DCA is suitable for my business?

If you do high volume and variation of digital, mobile banners and creative ads, DCA will deliver much more benefits than just cost saving.

Currently, DCA has successfully helped our clients from diverse industries such as telco, delivery services, finance, automotive, and property).

Still unsure? Here’s a checklist to guide you. If you checked off 3 or more tips in the list, DCA will enable personalisation to be more cost-effective for you.

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